6 Easy Ways to Kickstart Your Career in Cloud Computing

cloud computing training and certification can kickstart your career
cloud computing training and certification can kickstart your career
Cloud computing training opens many promising doors for students looking to better their professional lives and find a career that has the opportunity for a higher salary and better quality of life. The need for cloud computing professionals continues to grow, leading to ample job opportunities in this field.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, “employment in computer and information technology occupations is projected to grow 13 percent from 2020 to 2030, faster than the average for all occupations. Demand for these workers will stem from greater emphasis on cloud computing, the collection and storage of big data, and information security.” 

Whether you are thinking about enrolling in one of CCI Training Center’s Cloud Computing Training programs or are currently enrolled in a program, these tips can help you launch into a fantastic technology career path.

Get Certified

The best way to stand out from the crowd in the cloud computing job market is to get your certifications.  

According to Techopedia, “an IT certification is a designation showing a professional’s competency in a certain aspect of technology.” CCI Training Center will help you prepare for these exams and set you up for success in earning your certifications.  

These designations play a huge role in hiring for jobs. In fact, according to CompTIA 

72% of employers require IT certifications for certain job openings and 67% of employers use certifications to measure a candidate’s willingness to work hard and meet a goal. 

CCI Training Center prepares you for certification exams to help you stand out from other candidates and succeed in the workforce. 

We also prepare you for certifications by offering free exam preparation for students, and instructors are available to help you prepare, study, and set up your exam day. 

Build a Cloud Portfolio

Build your portfolio to show employers your knowledge of cloud technology-related skills. A portfolio can include: 

  • A cover page that includes your name, contact information (email and phone), as well as a brief introduction about yourself. 
  • An “About Me” section 
  • An overview of the courses you took at CCI Training Center – including the name of the course and a brief description of the course material covered 
  • A list of skills (both hard and soft skills) including creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, problem-solving, any type of computer language, or cloud platform. 
  • Your public updated LinkedIn profile 
  • References from instructors, past colleagues, etc. that speak to your knowledge and experience, whether strictly in a classroom environment or if you have had some direct working experience.
  • Education, including any degrees, programs, and IT certifications. 

Ask Your Colleagues and Instructors for References

Even if you don’t have any experience in cloud computing, getting reputable references is important. This can include colleagues you have worked within different jobs that can speak to your ability to negotiate, work with others, solve problems, meet deadlines, and communicate well.  

For the “technical” or “hard” skills relating to cloud computing, your instructors can provide you with a reference letter to show your potential employer, or you can write down their information on any job applications and they can speak to your skills over the phone during the hiring process

Stay in the Know

One of the best ways to get ahead in your career is to stay up-to-date on what’s happening in the cloud computing world. Reading books and articles, listening to podcasts, and watching videos relating to the cloud computing field are all helpful resources.  

Social media is another great way to find news and information about industry trends, job openings, and great tips for your career. LinkedIn is a professional network that allows you to connect with other professionals in your field to exchange ideas, discuss important topics, share news, and learn from each other.  

Network with Other IT Professionals

LinkedIn is also a fantastic way to network with other professionals in IT. It is a platform that is free and simple to use, and it allows you to showcase your skills, education, experience, certificate(s), and professional background with other professionals online.  

Think of LinkedIn as an interactive resume, where people can view your experience online without having to print and exchange physical paper copies. On LinkedIn you can also find personal stories, inspirational content, interviews, podcasts, videos, infographics, presentations, and much more that can help set you up for success in the cloud computing industry. 

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Stay Positive

Searching for a new job can be nerve-wracking, and when the phone doesn’t ring off the hook right after you apply for a couple of jobs, it can be easy to get disappointed. However, it is important to remember that job searching is a process, and there will be highs and lows.  

If you feel discouraged, reach out to the Career Services professionals at CCI Training Center who can help talk you through the process, keep you motivated, review your resume, and help you with finding a new role in the cloud computing industry.  

CCI Training Center is Here to Help You Every Step of the Way

The staff at CCI Training Center is here to help you find a rewarding job after your cloud computing training and certification. If you ever feel you need some extra help during the job search process, we are here for you. 

To learn more about CCI Training Center’s Cloud Computing training, download this FREE brochure, call us at one of our locations in Dallas and Arlington, or fill out a Request Information form and one of our Admissions Training Coordinators will reach out to you.

Start Your Journey to an IT Career Today

Our friendly and helpful Admissions Training Coordinators are ready to answer any questions, help you decide which path is right for you, discuss any financial aid options you may need, and more!

Start Your Journey to an IT Career Today

Our friendly and helpful Admissions Coordinators are ready to answer any questions you may have, help you decide which path is right for you, discuss any financial aid options you may need, and more! 

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