Employment Resources

DFW Employment Resources

The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act:

The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) supports a market-driven system through the provision of services targeted to meet employers’ needs and through services tailored for the unemployed, the underemployed, at-risk youth and those who have received a notice of termination, with special emphasis placed on the economically disadvantaged.

Rapid response activities are also provided as part of a comprehensive workforce development system designed to respond quickly to employer, worker, and community needs when a mass layoff or plant closure appears imminent.

Employment Resources

Workforce Solutions offices provide employer services, including the following:

  • Job posting and job matching
  • Applicant screening and referrals
  • Assistance during a plant closing or mass layoff

Workforce Solutions offices provide job seeker services, including the following:

  • Universal (core) services for individuals seeking assistance in their job search, e.g., outreach, intake, and an eligibility determination for additional Workforce Investment Act-funded services
  • Intensive services for individuals deemed in need of additional assistance in order to become employed, e.g., comprehensive and specialized assessment of the skill level and service needs of adults and dislocated workers
  • Training services for individuals deemed in need of training in order to become employed or retain employment, e.g., on-the-job training, occupational skills training, and training for nontraditional employment
  • Support services such as child care, transportation, and work-related expenses when needed by the individual to work or participate in a Workforce Investment Act-funded activity
  • Dislocated worker services specific to workers who have been laid off because of a plant closure or other dislocation. These services include job search assistance, introduction to job search tools, labor market information, access to computers, instruction on rГ©sumГ© writing, financial planning, stress management, and referral to vocational skills training as appropriate

Get more information at Workforce Solutions Tarrant County and Workforce Solutions Dallas County, or view DFW Workforce Solutions Locations.

DARS: Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services helps individuals who have physical and mental disabilities.

  1. DRS Rehabilitation Technology Resource Center helps keep track of new equipment and engineering services designed to help people with disabilities be more independent.

Supported Employment serves consumers of the Vocational Rehabilitation Program who need on-going support to maintain competitive employment. Counselors ensure that consumers in this program have the opportunity and support necessary to work in their communities.

Transition Planning. DRS VR counselors provide consultative and technical assistance to public school personnel in planning the move from school to work for students with disabilities. DRS Regional Transition Specialists assist VR counselors in coordination with schools, independent school districts, and regional Educational Service Centers.

  1. Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) program, a state-federal partnership since 1929, helps people with disabilities prepare for, find and keep jobs. Work related services are individualized and may include counseling, training, medical treatment, assistive devices, job placement assistance, and other services. Eligibility criteria for this program include: the presence of a physical or mental disability that results in a substantial impediment to employment, whether the individual is employable after receiving services, and whether services are required to achieve employment outcomes. DARS Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) program helps Texans with disabilities prepare for, find and keep employment. This program also helps students with disabilities plan the jump from school to work.

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