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Computer Network Administrator

Computer and Network Administration Online Certification

Fast-Track Online Program

Accelerated Computer Network Administration Training

The Computer and Network Administration program is designed to prepare students for entry-level positions such as Computer Support Specialists, Help Desk Technicians, PC Support, Network Support, IT security and Microsoft Server Support in such work settings as computer firms, government agencies, and/or private businesses.

The most sought-after Computer and Network Administration program here at CCI Training Center is IT Security. 

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No Prior Experience in IT or Computer Network Administration is Needed

You don’t need any prior experience in information technology or network administration to enroll. All you need is a high school degree or equivalent, and in a few short months you can be on your way to a rewarding entry-level career in information technology.

CCI Training Center’s Computer Networking expert instructors have real-life computer networking administration experience, and they will teach you all the skills necessary to succeed and excel in your new career.

Certification in computer network administration helps you stand out in the job market by demonstrating to potential employers that you are dedicated to the industry and knowledgeable about your chosen field. 

According to CompTIA, 72% of employers require IT certifications for certain job openings and 67% of employers use certifications to measure a candidate’s willingness to work hard and meet a goal. CCI Training Center prepares you for certification exams to help you succeed in the workforce. 

Why Choose a Career in Computer Network Administration?

The IT industry appeals to single parents or anyone who is looking for a career that will give them better hours, increased flexibility, higher earning potential, and increased job security. Computer and network administration careers are on the rise, and one of the primary benefits of taking advantage of this growth is the potential for upward mobility in the IT industry.

Obtaining an entry-level IT position and excelling in it can lead to additional training, and then you’ll be equipped to apply for positions higher in the company.

CCI Training Center's Flexible Program Schedule Fits Your Busy Life

CCI Training Center’s online program schedules are designed to fit into your busy schedule. Coursework and other aspects of the program are completed online from the comfort of your own home and teaches you the computer network administration skills needed to increase your appeal as a candidate to potential employers.

Whether you choose to focus on desktop support and networking, cyber security, or Microsoft server technologies, you’ll get the knowledge you need through the track you choose.

Students participating online always have access to remote instructor support anytime they need it, plus the benefit of collaboration with classmates. In a matter of months, you can complete all of your course and begin your new career.

CCI Training Center has put together a simple plan that will allow you to quickly and efficiently train you to enter your chosen career in the IT industry. This program provides you with an opportunity to focus on specific course-track and certifications.

The admissions department is ready to guide you step by step so that you choose the right topics to focus on as you begin your journey toward a new career in Information Technology. Click here to contact the admissions department today to get started!

What Type of Computer Networking Administration Jobs are Available?

You might wonder what jobs you can look forward to after finishing your program at CCI Training Center. There are several options for entry-level jobs you can pursue once you finish your education in computer network administration, including: 

  • Computer Support Specialist
  • Help Desk Technician
  • PC Support
  • Network Support 
  • Field Service Technician
  • IT Security

Entry-level jobs you get after training and certification are just the beginning. The career advancement and career tracks you can choose from here are nearly limitless. 

Many IT professionals start out their careers in positions like these, learn more about the industry, and move on to promotions and career paths that best fit their skills and preferences.

Financial Aid Options are Available

Education and career training is one of the most valuable investments you can make in your career and your future. CCI Training Center understands this, so we offer several financial aid options that can help you fund your career training.  

These options include federal financial aid (Pell grants, state or military grants, and low-interest loans).

A dedicated representative from our Financial Aid department will assist you in determining all options available and help design a Financial Plan that works for you. 

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What Happens After I Graduate? Does CCI Training Center Help Me Find a Job?

CCI Training Center offer Careers Services to all enrollees and graduates at no additional charge, including counseling and employment assistance services to students in need of special help or part-time employment while attending school. You will also get help with:  

  • Career assessments to see where you may excel the most in the workforce 
  • Access to job fairs, externships and internships 
  • Networking opportunities 
  • Resume assistance  
  • Interviewing assistance  
  • Lifelong employment assistance long after you graduate 

Your journey with CCI Training Center doesn’t end with the successful completion of the program. Our goal is to help you find a career that matches your goals, lifestyle, and aspirations. 

How Can I Learn More About CCI Training Center’s IT Programs?

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Start your journey to a rewarding career in computer network administration today!

Our friendly and helpful Admissions Representatives  help you every step of the way. We can answer questions you might have regarding the admissions process, the Computer Network Administration program, financial aid, and career services.  

Students at CCI Training Center come from all walks of life—no matter what your educational background or skill level, we are here to help you start on your journey to a successful career in Information Technology

You do not need a college degree to enroll—you only need a high school diploma or high school equivalency diploma (GED®). 

To speak with a representative today, please call the number below to learn more about our programs and how to enroll. Start your journey to a new career in information technology (IT) today! 

Call: (800) 777-3939

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