The DNA of a Successful IT Professional

IT professionals have been portrayed in movies and on television since there were IT professionals. They are often portrayed as off-beat personalities, speaking in computer language well-above the heads of their clients and co-workers, branding ankle-high trousers, pocket protectors and that signature white tape holding their glasses together.
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IT professionalBehind the characterization of course, IT professionals possess considerable technological abilities and ardent personality traits that probably reside in their DNA. What is it that lies in the genome of the IT professional? Several traits are necessary for for a successful career in IT, perhaps some are biological, perhaps even beginning at the cellular level.

Living deep in the chromosomes of the IT professional is a passion for all things technical. The love of data bits and bytes, the latest hardware and software, the desire to seek and find solutions, working and playing in the cloud and advanced gadgetry is among the life blood that flows through the veins of the IT Pro.

If you’ve ever tried to get the attention of an IT person while s/he was trouble-shooting, searching or plugging in, you might have had the feeling of being just another piece of furniture in the room. This is because of the intense focus hard-wired into the IT Pro’s DNA. Their thinking functions in an organized, managed way as they work their way through levels of technology problems and solutions, and their passion for IT drives that focus.

The IT Pro is a solutions-oriented creature, one who when presented with a problem, has a need to find the solution. The IT Pro cannot rest until s/he has computed, analyzed, experimented, tested and solved an IT issue. S/he is the gumshoe of IT, sleuthing their way to the final solution.

Versatility is also wired into the IT Pro. Most IT Pros have their specialty, but most will encounter everything from big security issues to smaller website design issues. The real IT Pro is versatile enough to pitch in wherever they’re needed.

Communication genes are a big part of the IT Pro. S/he must be able to communicate on a high-tech level with other Pros and also be able to use general terms to explain high-tech issues. The Pro working in a corporation will most likely experience everything from creating the company’s intricate security network to repairing the printer in the shipping department and must be able to speak and explain details of problems in a manner which others will understand, from the chairman of the board to the shipping clerk.

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The successful IT Pro not only begins with a solid foundation, acquiring expertise through education and training, but their DNA requires continuous feeding of knowledge throughout their lifetime. The IT Pro always strives to stay up-to-date with ever-changing technologies, by sharing knowledge with others or by gaining additional education and certifications.

The successful IT Pro is a mutation of all of the above qualities and talents. S/he is also, and most importantly, the guardian of information, databases, passwords and confidential company information; s/he is the sentry, the gate-keeper, the sentinel, through which unauthorized data will not pass . . . not on their watch.

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