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Start Your Healthcare Career as a Certified Pharmacy Technician

Plus, receive additional training in lab procedures and phlebotomy.

The demand for pharmacy technicians in Texas is expected to rise to 26% by 2025. And with pharmacies now located in supermarkets, hospitals, clinics, and other locations there are more job opportunities than ever before. Now is the best time to enroll in a certified Pharmacy Technician program and begin your path to a new career in healthcare.

CCI Training Center’s Pharmacy Tech school in Dallas and Arlington provides you with the theoretical and practical education you need for success. Our comprehensive program will prepare you to become a Certified Pharmacy Technician, as well as provide training for additional certifications in Pharmaceutical Compounding and Sterile Product Preparation.

Pharmacy Technician training program students learning lab procedures and pharmaceutical compounding


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For more information about our graduation rates, the median debt of students who completed the program, and other important information, please refer to theВ Gainful Employment Disclaimers.

Complete Your Pharmacy Tech Training in as Little as Seven Months

With courses offered in a combination of in-person and online environments and daytime and evening options available, you can choose a schedule that suits your family and work commitments. Students work collaboratively with classmates and gain hands-on experience under the supervision of a qualified, experienced instructor. Instructors also provide remote support while students work through their online coursework.

CCI Training Center pharmacy technician school students will gain the knowledge required to:

  • Operate the equipment used in the preparation of prescription medicines, including capsules, creams, solutions, and coloring/flavoring. They will also learn how to properly handle supplies such as needles, fillers, and syringes.
  • Process prescription requests from patients and doctors’ offices.
  • Measure medication amounts accurately.
  • Package and label prescriptions for patients, hospital staff, doctors, etc.
  • Establish and maintain records relating to patients’ prescriptions.
  • Take payments for prescriptions.
  • Process insurance claims.
  • Assist with the pharmacy’s inventory
  • Participate in an externship that is designed to help students put their skills to the test in the real-world, work environment.
  • Sit for pharmacy technician certification exams and register to work in the state of Texas.

The Pharmacy Technician programs at CCI Training Center in Arlington and Dallas are structured specifically to allow students with young children and/or other responsibilities the opportunity to get the necessary career training to pursue a successful pharmacy career:

  • Coordinate study around childcare, work, and other obligations.
  • Flex Schedule classes mean you have more options.
  • Complete your training in as little as seven months (dependent upon the employer side of the externship).

Becoming a pharmacy technician requires earning a high school diploma or GED and most states require that you pass a pharmacy technician exam. Completion of a formal training program such as the Certified Pharmacy Technician program offered at CCI is often a pre-requisite.

Pharmacy Technician Program Courses in Arlington and Dallas Prepare You for Success

Required Coursework

Allied Health Math: Covers math skills essential to the health care professional. Students will refresh, learn and practice basic math skills including consumer mathematics, decimals, percentages, fractions, and the metric system.Pharmacy Technician student learning about pharmaceutical compounding in Dallas, Texas

Pharmacy Calculations: Pharmacy Technician program students learn to use pharmaceutical mathematics including reading, interpreting, and solving calculations problems encountered in the preparation and distribution of drugs. You will also master apothecary and metric system conversions with an emphasis on weights and volume using the metric systems. The course requires students to use percentage, dilutions, and concentration, milliequivalents, units, intravenous flow rates, as well as solving dosage problems.

Pharmacology: Students learn the therapeutic agents and their effects on the human body and their role in the management of disease. The course provides information regarding drug dosages, side effects, interactions, toxicities, and incompatibilities. Students will learn the administration of drugs to pediatric, neonatal, and geriatric patients. Students will leave the class with the ability to make informed decisions when assisting the pharmacist in dispensing drugs. These skills make graduates invaluable to pharmacy operations by recognizing how to avoid costly errors.

Phlebotomy: Students are trained to perform a variety of blood collection methods using proper techniques and precautions. The course also covers the use of vacuum collection devices, syringes, capillary skin punctures, butterfly needles, and blood culture specimen collection on adults, children, and infants.

Students will have hands-on training in specimen handling, processing, and accessioning. Emphasis is placed on the practice of infection prevention, proper patient identification, accurate specimen labeling, and quality assurance. Students will learn the theory and principles of CLIA waived tests and how to perform them in a laboratory setting.

Certification Test Preparation: A review course covering PTCB‘s 3 function areas for pharmacy technicians, as well as testing tips and time competency. Skills assessments include both pre and post-subject matter evaluations.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Students must verify that they meet the background-check requirement in the State of Texas to sit for the state certification exam.

CPR: CPR and Basic Life Safety Training using the American Heart Association guidelines. Students will master CPR and techniques to assist a choking victim.

Medical Law, Ethics & Professionalism: Covers federal state and health care legislation and regulations with specific attention placed on the HIPAA legislation. Students will be prepared to maintain confidentiality, document accurately, use appropriate guidelines for information release, and comply with established risk management and safety procedures.

Fundamentals of Pharmacy Practice: An introduction to the technician’s role in pharmacy. Students learn or are introduced to:

  • the laws and regulations associated with pharmacy
  • details of community-based and health-system-based operations
  • inventory management processes
  • compounding and preparation of sterile products
  • reading prescriptions in the community pharmacy and medication orders in the hospital pharmacy environment

Sterile Product Certification: Prepares students to become certified in IV Sterile Products. They will learn the need for sterile products, the importance of parenteral administration route sterilization, aseptic techniques, and how to manipulate supplies such as needles, filters, and syringes.

Compounding Certification: Prepares the student to become certified in Compounding Techniques. This course covers Extemporaneous and non-sterile pharmaceutical compounding. Students also learn about the equipment, supplies, quality assurance, and record-keeping requirements associated with compounding in a pharmacy.

Externship: Upon completion of the classroom portion of the Pharmacy Technician program, students participate in an Externship at an approved facility. The Externship enables students to work and apply the principles and practices learned in the classroom. Externs work under the direct supervision of qualified personnel with instructor credentials in participating facilities.

Technology Training for Pharmacy Technicians

Computer Fundamentals: An introduction to using computers for business. Students will learn to use Microsoft Word to write letters, create forms, and format documents. You will also learn the fundamentals of creating and formatting spreadsheets in Microsoft Excel, how to print documents, conduct basic Internet research, and effectively use various Microsoft browser tools.

Computers in the Pharmacy: Students learn and practice using a common pharmacy management software application. In addition, students will practice entering patient information, prescriptions, and nursing home data, running reports, tracking inventory, and label printing and application.

Pharmacy Management System

PioneerRx logo - CCI pharmacy program partnerCPioneerRX: Our pharmacy technician program partners with PioneerRx, the top pharmacy management system in the industry. PioneerRX enhances our curriculum with a hands-on approach to learning that simulates the work of today’s most innovative pharmacies.

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After you complete training with CCI and meet state background-check requirements, you’ll be eligible to sit for the (PTCB) Pharmacy Technician Certification Board’s certification exam.

Pharmacy Technician school student working with syringes

What job opportunities are available for Pharmacy Technicians?

The Pharmacy Technician school at CCI provides comprehensive training and lab practice to prepare you to become a pharmacy tech. Additionally, the program provides training in pharmaceutical compounding and Sterile Product preparation certification exams. CCI’s program is unique in that it provides training in lab procedures and test preparations to become a phlebotomist, as well. This means that students get two career paths in one program!

CCI Training Center’s Pharmacy Technician school in Arlington and Dallas prepares you to work in a variety of entry-level positions at:

Retail Pharmacies – Located within big box stores or smaller pharmacy store chain locations, often with a medical clinic attached.

Compounding Pharmacies – Pharmacies that make custom medications. These pharmacies are often community-based and independently owned.

Hospitals – Many hospitals have internal pharmacies that maintain records and distribute medications to patients.

Medical Offices & Clinics – The skills, education, and additional certification preparations gained by attending a trusted pharmacy technician school are valuable in obtaining an entry-level position at medical offices and clinics.

Pharmaceutical CompaniesKnowledge of industry terminology, ways to compound, and proper handling of medications could also help you pursue a successful career in research, marketing, or pharmaceutical sales.

The need for qualified Pharmacy Technicians in Texas will continue to grow as the population ages and more people move to the state, particularly in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. The increased demand for pharmaceutical services that comes with population growth naturally leads to improved job prospects for future Certified Pharmacy Technicians.

What CCI Training Center Can Do For You

Helping Texans train for and pursue a fulfilling career has been the core purpose of CCI Training Center for 36 years! We provide career services that not only help you develop skills and knowledge in your chosen field but also guides you to secure suitable employment.

We help students across the job search spectrum from career investigation to interview preparation:

  • Career Assessment: When you first enroll with CCI, placement assistance staff provide guidance and tools to ensure you are on a career path that will be fulfilling and play to your strengths.
  • Education Assistance: CCI provides several options for financial assistance, including local and federal financial aid, access to grants for those that qualify, loans, and even scholarships to help pay for school.
  • Hands-on Training: Flexible on-campus and online program under the direct supervision of an instructor in small classes is what sets CCI apart. Year-round courses mean students can start the program in any month, not a set spring or fall semester. This flexibility allows adult students to go back to school while maintaining their other family and work obligations.
  • Pre-Employment: CCI Training Center offers resume writing assistance to help students feel confident that their resume properly demonstrates the value they bring to employers. CCI will also help students prep for the job interview process. They learn how to master a job interview by developing answers to tough interview questions, discuss strengths, and present themselves in the best possible light to future employers.
  • Career Development: CCI enables students to develop and plan for career advancement. Students learn skills in networking, effective communication and time management, how to conduct online job searches, and participate in one-on-one mock interviews.

Beyond training for the certifications needed for a career as a Pharmacy Technician, CCI Training Center is here to provide career guidance and support no matter where you are in your journey.

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Enroll in a trusted Pharmacy Tech Program

Investing in yourself and your career is one of the smartest moves you will ever make. No one will work harder for you than you!

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*By clicking the button above as my official signature, I consent to representatives of CCI Training Center contacting me about educational opportunities via phone, text message, and email. I understand that my consent is not a requirement for any purchase.

For more information about our graduation rates, the median debt of students who completed the program, and other important information, please refer to the Gainful Employment Disclaimers.